RNA Technology Services

The field of RNA is growing rapidly and building on the success of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the mRNA pioneers are now refocusing on therapeutics. Development of mRNA therapeutics is significantly more challenging than mRNA vaccines, with hurdles related to delivery, safety, and duration of protein expression. To be successful, mRNA engineering will necessitate some innovations (e.g., UTR design, cap analogues, codon optimization) to develop optimized mRNA drugs. RNA T&T’s goal is to become a leader in the field by providing its partners with optimized engineered mRNA at various scales (from 1 mg to grams) for pre-clinical research, and a screening service (fast production of several mRNA candidates designed by RNA T&T for a given protein and application).

We offer: High quality in vitro transcribed RNA (e.g., mRNA, lncRNA) and LNPs. Targeted LNPs are also available.

Our services include:

We are committed to the highest quality, and as such perform several quality control steps to ensure our product’s quality.

RNA QC Tests Methods Integrity Bioanalyzer Transcription identity Sequencing dsRNA removal Dot immunoblots
LNP QC Tests Methods LNP size in storage buffer Dynamics light scattering Surface charge in storage buffer Doppler velocimetry (viscosity adjusted) Encapsulation efficiency/Dye accessibility Ribogreen assay Concentration Ribogreen assay pH Potentiometric Osmolarity Freezing point depression